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Mandarin at Tessa

When you step into our Mandarin class, you’ll find our young students speaking with each other or singing songs in Chinese. Tessa’s unique language program begins in Preschool with an 80% immersion in the target language, ensuring students develop second language proficiency by the end of primary school. Teachers also collaborate closely across disciplines to […]

The Private School Advantage: Why you should consider an Independent School for your Child

The pandemic has changed education forever, and  more families are seeking out schools that are fully in-person rather than remote. As of mid-October, 6 in 10 independent schools were operating in-person and just 5% were fully online, according to a survey by the National Association of Independent Schools. Tessa International School is open –on-site with virtual class […]

Our Winter Holiday Show

At the end of the 18-19 school year, the Tessa Administration asked us to direct the 1st ever holiday show and I will admit, we were equal parts excited and nervous. Just like you, we value the quality of education that Tessa provides and the unique community that Tessa has created and we really wanted […]

Little Gardeners, a creative after school program

Calling all young creatives! We are excited to offer a new after school program called Little Gardeners.  Little Gardeners spans over the course of January for four fun-filled classes of exploring and creating nature-inspired artwork.  Tessa’s young gardeners and artists will learn about the life of a plant and have the unique opportunity to create […]

Tessa International School

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