COVID-19 Prevention Strategies

The health of Tessa International School’s students and community is a top concern for the School, even more so during these Covid-19 times. In the School Year 2021-2022, we will keep on expanding on the NJ official guidelines to include our own rigorous safety regulations that specifically target the needs of our young students and their families. 

Safety Measures

Vaccine• All staff and faculty vaccinated before returning to Tessa.
• Families highly encouraged to get vaccinated.
Masks• Masks highly encouraged for age 2
• Masks mandatory for ages 3 and up
• KN95 Masks mandatory for all staff at all times
• Masks mandatory for visitors
• Sufficient masks in stock at all times for students, staff, and visitors who need one
Social Distancing• Hallway, bathroom, and classroom floors marked for smooth traffic flow and minimal contact
• Measures regularly repeated to students  

• Commingling between students of different classes limited to the minimum possible 

Air Circulation and Filtration• 10 HVAC systems in the School independent from each other. All are independent from the building’s system and from each other
• Highly protective HVAC filters (minimum filtration level: MERV13); changed every three months 
• Additional powerful air purifiers with HEPA filters in all classrooms 

• Windows kept open whenever possible

Main Entrance

• Staggered pick up and drop off times

• Parents drop their children to the staff escort at the door.

Mandated temperature checks to be certified at home using Brightwheel  before students enter the school daily, not to exceed 100.4

• Daily screening of students for symptoms certified on Brightwheel before students come to school

• Touchless hand sanitizer distributor at the front desk

Cleaning / Disinfection Procedures• Cleaning persons on staff all day
• Objects and toys in the classroom that could carry COVID-19 (potentially no objects with soft surfaces) eliminated

• Toys sanitized on a regular basis
• Use of Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation light fixtures

Playground• Use of our own playground exclusively (children go outside twice per day minimum)
Containment plan•  Children and staff with a temperature of 100.4, or who exhibit Covid symptoms immediately isolated and sent home

• Possible class or school closure in close coordination with local health officials

Please reach out to us with any questions or suggestions at 201-755-555 or

Stay updated:

New Jersey State has a 24-7 hotline devoted to your questions about the virus: 1-800-222-1222.

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