Preparing for Reopening

Reopening Scenarios

In the past few weeks, the Tessa leadership team has made significant progress on the preparation for the School reopening, whether it takes place in September 2020 or late June 2020 for summer camp.

We are basing our plans off of prominent sources in the education field, which include the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), the Mission Laique Francaise (MLF), other professional organizations of Independent Schools and daycares, and current practices of schools reopened in Europe and Asia. Public sources include the CDC and the State of New Jersey. At this stage, the recommendations from the public sources are not as detailed as those previously mentioned. Naturally, we are continuing to monitor them as they will constitute the official requirements for area schools to reopen, including Tessa.

The main question regarding the school year 2020-2021 is whether your children will be allowed to physically enter the building. We are preparing for three possible scenarios:

On-Site LearningDistance LearningHybrid
DescriptionAll classes take place at the SchoolAll classes are taught remotelyCombination of on-site and distance learning
ScenarioThe COVID-19 pandemic recedes significantlyThe COVID-19 pandemic increases significantlySocial distancing regulations require a decreased occupancy per classroom, or at least five parents in a classroom do not want their children to attend school physically
Estimated likelihood in Fall 2020*38%5%57%
Tessa PreparationSee below for list of on-site safety measuresFine-tuning of the Spring 2020 experience including considerations regarding:

●  The number of classes per day

●  The size of classes

●  Multiple resources

●  Optional homework

●  Tessa YouTube Channels

On site classes taught at Tessa with online component for at-home students:

●  Several times a day, at-home students join the class remotely.

●  When possible, a class assistant works with  online students on relevant follow-up activities.

CommentsAssuming we can offer a summer camp, safety measures will have been in place for many weeks by September 2020 and the school will be fully readyThanks to our teachers’ hard work and parents’ feedback, this Spring has been an accelerated learning experience, which, if necessary, will allow for an ever stronger online experience.●  Refund/Credit policy announced for the school year 2020-2021 will be applied to the days the student cannot be physically present at the School by law.

●  Tessa small class numbers may serve our students well: Since some of the classrooms may not be at full capacity, the number of days of distance learning may be limited for each child. For example, for a class of 12 students with a capacity of 18, if the maximum number is half the normal occupancy, students will be able to come to school 3 days out of 4.

This might be a conflict.. I see parents arguing that we should then lower our class max

* As estimated by a sample of 990 American Independent Schools

According to numerous health experts, a mass vaccination against COVID-19 is likely to take place sometime in the Winter of 2021 if not late Fall 2020. While the plans we are putting in place are applicable during the entire school year 2020-2021, we hope we can get back to regular school life in the winter of 2021.