Empower Your Child’s Learning Potential With A Dual Language Primary Program.

Our high-quality bilingual curriculum actively fosters critical thinking. Moreover, it equips children with the essential skills they need for academic success. Therefore, join us and grant your child the invaluable gift of bilingualism.

Discover the Benefits of Bilingual Primary Education:

Educational Advantage

Bilingual instruction has proven to be the best learning approach. At Tessa International School (recognized as one of the top schools in the state), we firstly challenge our students in English and French, Mandarin, or Spanish to help them reach their full potential as learners and as individuals.

Inquiry-Based Learning  

Our Dual-Language programs promote inquiry, exploration, and investigation while actively providing children with the skills to meet the highest academic standards. We achieve this through a unique combination of the official French curriculum and the International Baccalaureate’s Primary Years Program (IB).

Social-Emotional development

We pride ourselves on creating numerous academic and social-emotional growth opportunities for our students through dynamic and goal-oriented programs. Thus, we provide the best education available to prepare your child for tomorrow while helping them enjoy today.

Curious About Our Primary Curriculum? Let us help you!

Let’s discuss the curriculum in more detail and how your child can benefit from a bilingual education at Tessa International School. Contact us today!


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A Few Words From Happy Parents

“Tessa has been a wonderful experience for our entire family.  We see our daughter advancing on so many levels and get excited about the learning development she is receiving at this school. The staff is extremely responsible, dedicated and demonstrates a strong level of professionalism…Click here to see more !

Sienna’s Parents

“We are very pleased with the education Tessa has been providing for our son. We feel they offer an environment in which he can thrive and shine. In the few months he’s been there, his knowledge of Spanish has grown tremendously. Click here to see more !

Nicholas’s Parents

“My son’s first exposure to school (of any kind) was TESSA. We were amazed at the pace at which he got acclimatized to TESSA and adjusted to being away from home and his parents. Click here to see more !

Nithilan’s Parents

“To everyone at Tessa. We would like to thank you for the care and kindness that you have shown to our son and our family. The school did a wonderful job helping our son adjust to his very first school and his first experience being away from his parents. Click here to see more !

Caleb’s Parents

“Originally, as parents, we were interested in Tessa to provide the gift of a second language to our son. We believe strongly that we live in a more global world than ever and that being able to speak more than one language will be essential to our son’s success. This goal is what brought us initially to Tessa. Click here to see more !.”

Jack’s Parents

Tessa International School

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