A year of transition

The transition to kindergarten marks a significant shift in a child’s educational experience. Play-based learning, characteristic of preschool, is gradually integrated with a more structured curriculum emphasizing foundational literacy and numeracy skills. Kindergarteners develop essential routines, fostering self-regulation and time management. Collaborative activities promote the development of teamwork and social skills, laying the groundwork for positive peer interactions throughout their academic journey.

At a Glance

Choose from Spanish, French or Mandarin tracks

80% immersion in the language

1:10 Student / Teacher Ratio

Approach to Learning

Bilingual Program

Students are not taught a language but rather IN a language. Daily exposure to various languages builds confidence and communication skills, and prepares our students to become bilingual, adaptable, and active citizens.

World-Class Education

Tessa International School’s dynamic and goal-oriented program fosters academic success in core subjects like Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, and Math. Rooted in the inquiry-based framework of the International Baccalaureate (IB), our program not only imparts knowledge but also actively cultivates vital skills such as critical thinking, research, communication, conceptual understanding, self-management, and social-emotional development. With a structured curriculum drawing from both the French Ministry of National Education and US Standards, we establish a strong foundation for future success.

Academic challenge

Our program is structured so that it encourages and facilitates creative and critical thinking skills, while engaging students in discovery, inquiry, and problem-solving. They are constantly and positively challenged, so that they are used to and enjoy giving their best.

Curriculum Overview

The International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme (PYP) is a curriculum framework which centers around a series of transdisciplinary themes that address human commonalities. The students are exposed to units of learning that integrate all subject areas and provide meaningful learning experiences for students. With a structured curriculum drawing from both the French Ministry of National Education and US Standards, we establish a robust foundation in core subjects such as Science, Social Studies, Language & Literacy, and Math, all the while fostering vital competencies, including critical thinking, research, communication, conceptual understanding, self-management, and social & emotional development.

A group of kindergarten students working on assignments together
  • Who We Are: Traditions Tell Our Story: Celebrating Our Identities
  • How We Express Ourselves: Many Voices: The Art of Communication
  • How the World Works: Sense and Discover: Perceiving the World Around Us
  • Sharing the Planet: Living Together: Our Interactions and Responsibilities 


In Kindergarten, the curriculum is supplemented by a multifaceted program of “Specials” classes, fostering holistic student development. These specialized courses provide students with opportunities to delve deeper into specific domains beyond the traditional academic subjects.

  • STEM: Liberty Science Center Monthly visits
  • Physical Education (PE): 4×30 min/week
  • Library: 45 min/week
  • English Reinforcement: 2×90 min/week
  • Music: 2×30 min/week


At Tessa International School, we believe in holistically-designed, developmentally appropriate assessments. Our goal is to communicate students’ strengths and areas for improvement to both students and parents, while fostering a schoolwide culture focused on enhancing learning outcomes and instructional processes. We align our assessments with the Phases of Learning in the Primary Years Program and The French National Curriculum, as well as best practices in immersion language teaching, aiding teachers in adjusting instruction and reteaching as necessary. We are committed to building a schoolwide assessment culture that focuses on improving learning outcomes for students and instructional processes. View our full assessment policy here.

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