An Education Based on International Best Practices

Curriculum at a Glance

At Tessa International School, our distinctive educational approach nurtures bilingualism while seamlessly blending the globally acclaimed IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) Framework with the robust French National Curriculum and US Standards. Students actively engage with dynamic unit topics through an immersive language experience grounded in real-life situations.

Following the transdisciplinary framework of IB PYP, excellence spans across Science, Social Studies, Language & Literacy, Math, the Arts, Social-Emotional Learning, and Physical Education, all the while nurturing a lifelong love of learning in our students. Through this approach, children explore concepts by observing patterns and making connections across a variety of real-life examples. Our inquiry-based approach fosters essential competencies that extend far beyond the classroom, including critical thinking, research skills, self-management, social skills, and effective communication.


Tessa International School Primary Division recognizes the criticality of the early years in fostering a lifelong love of learning, while upholding the highest standards of academic excellence.

A group of kindergarten students working on assignments together

The transition to kindergarten marks a significant shift in a child’s educational experience. Play-based learning is gradually integrated with a more structured curriculum emphasizing foundational literacy and numeracy skills.

As children grow into early childhood, their world begins to open-up. Our PreK program allows your child to explore, inquire, and prepare for kindergarten in a bilingual environment.

Nursery is a special introduction to the school experience to initiate your child to a second language, develop creativity through play-based activities and prepare them to become lifelong and better learners.


In a globalized world, where multicultural understanding is a major asset, Tessa International School prepares its students to become bilingual, adaptable and active citizens. Children benefit not only from full immersion in a second language, but also from being constantly challenged, so that they are used to and enjoy giving their best.

Learn more about the benefits of bilingualism here.

Tessa’s curriculum has been built on the principle of incorporating some of the world’s best practices in education. The school is authorized as an IB World School and follows the Primary Years Programme, by the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO).  Tessa International School is also accredited by the French Ministry of Education for our French pre-kindergarten, and kindergarten classes, and follows the official French program.

These dynamic and goal-oriented programs provide our students with the skills to challenge themselves in an environment that holds them to the highest academic standards. This great honor acknowledges Tessa’s high standing as one of the best schools available, where your child can gain academic excellence and global understanding.

At Tessa, the development of the child is as much about the academic challenge as it is about the social and emotional evolution. Following the Yale Center of Emotional Intelligence approach, we recognize the individual needs, abilities, and interests of our students and are committed to developing the whole child in a fun and engaging environment.

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