Spanish, French and Mandarin Bilingual Tracks
Bilingualism. Excellence. Happiness.

Primary & Early Childhood

Why Tessa?

Your child will embark on a unique and enriching educational journey at Tessa International School. Choose from one of our three bilingual tracks – French, Mandarin, or Spanish – which, combined with English instruction, will provide your child with a multicultural and immersive learning experience in a bright and modern space. At Tessa, we employ a comprehensive approach, incorporating the world’s best educational practices to deliver excellence in education. With highly credentialed native-speaking teachers, we ensure an engaging and dynamic classroom experience that fosters language fluency and cultural understanding. Recognized as a NAIS educational model, we are committed to being leaders at the forefront of educational excellence.

What Parents Are Saying

It’s not just bilingualism. Tessa helped my daughter speak complete sentences in Spanish (which is amazing!) but every day there’s something new and enriching: from the cultural speakers, to Liberty Science Center visitors, and music classes – it’s great knowing that your child is at an elite school that’s really pulling out all the stops to help them develop.

Isabelle’s Dad

My son’s first exposure to school (of any kind) was Tessa. We were amazed at the pace at which he got acclimatized to Tessa and adjusted to being away from home and his parents. My son’s understanding of English was little to none when he joined. We are amazed at the Spanish and English vocabulary he has built over the last six months…

Nithilan’s Mom

At Tessa, our daughter is able to grow and learn in an environment that is accepting and open. Learning two languages allows her to engage in a way that shows her there is more to the world than her local surroundings…. We couldn’t be happier with the program and are excited to grow with Tessa.

Evie’s Mom

Tessa has been a wonderful experience for our entire family.  We see our daughter advancing on so many levels and get excited about the learning development she is receiving at this school…

Sienna’s Mom

Don’t Know Where to Start?
Schedule a Tour & Visit Tessa!

We welcome you to visit Tessa International School and experience our exceptional learning environment firsthand. Bring your children along as we give you a tour and showcase the positive interactions between our staff and students. Discover our world-class curriculum, dual language immersion program, and learn more about our admission process. Join us and see why Tessa International School is the ideal choice for your child’s education.

Tessa at a Glance

An Education Based on International Best Practices.


Our students become fully bilingual thanks to our native-speaking teachers and full-immersion (preschool) or dual-language (primary school) teaching approach in either Spanish, French or Mandarin.

Educational Excellence

Our educational approach is based on the best international models, curriculum and research. Tessa is an IB World School and is accredited by the French Ministry of Education.


We emphasize social-emotional development in children, alongside strong academic challenge. We recognize the individual needs, abilities, and interests of our students and are committed to developing the whole child.

What’s Happening at Tessa!

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Tessa International School

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