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Tessa International School enhances its rigorous curriculum by incorporating a diverse array of “Specials” classes, emphasizing the pivotal role of specialists in promoting transdisciplinary learning. Our specialists are integral to fostering a holistic educational approach, collaborating closely with classroom teachers to support children in developing a spectrum of skills and creating meaningful connections with their Units of Inquiry. This collaborative effort ensures that students receive a well-rounded education that goes beyond traditional boundaries, preparing them for a future of interconnected knowledge and skills.

Special Programs

Students playing badminton in a gym.

Physical Education (PE)

This class promotes not only physical fitness but also kinesthetic intelligence by developing coordination, motor skills, and teamwork through engaging activities and games. Students will learn the importance of a healthy lifestyle while building a foundation for lifelong participation in physical activities.


This interdisciplinary class ignites critical thinking and problem-solving skills through hands-on projects and investigations. Students will explore scientific concepts, experiment with technology, and apply engineering principles to design solutions to real-world problems.


This class goes beyond singing and playing instruments. It’s a multi-faceted exploration of music that enhances auditory intelligence and fosters creativity. Students will develop their musical skills through vocal exercises, instrumental exploration, and exposure to diverse musical genres from around the world.

Student/ Girl reading Peppa Pig in the school library

Library & English

These classes are a cornerstone for literacy development and foster linguistic intelligence. By engaging with storytelling, exploring diverse literature, and participating in hands-on  activities, students will strengthen their English language skills in reading, writing, and communication. They’ll develop a lifelong love for learning and the power of language.

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