Elevate Learning With A Global Perspective: Join Our IB World School

Primary School & Early Childhood

Embark on a vibrant multilingual learning journey in French, Mandarin or Spanish. As a result, we empower children with the skills to challenge themselves in a nurturing environment that upholds the highest academic standards.

Understanding the IB Primary Years Program

IB students, above all, embrace responsibility for their learning journey.

Consequently, our program empowers students to:

• Cultivate critical thinking
• Engage in interdisciplinary learning during their studies
• Hone research skills essential for higher education, and subsequently,
• Connect with real-world applications, meanwhile embracing global, cultural dialogues

Why Choose Tessa?


At our school, we teach not only the language but also the content in that language. As a result, our students become fully bilingual through our dual-language program, which features 80% of the target language in preschool and, most importantly, a balanced 50/50 model in Primary School.

Academic Excellence 

Above all, Tessa’s unique approach offers numerous academic and social-emotional growth opportunities for students. Consequently, we empower children with the skills to challenge themselves in an environment committed to the highest academic standards.

International Edge

Furthermore, with our three immersive language tracks (French, Mandarin & Spanish). We’re proud to have representation from over 60 cultures. With our globally respected IB-PYP and French Official Program, Tessa certainly provides the best education to prepare your child for tomorrow while helping them enjoy today!

Let’s hear it from the Parents !

“Tessa has been a wonderful experience for our entire family.  We see our daughter advancing on so many levels and get excited about the learning development she is receiving at this school. The staff is extremely responsible, dedicated and demonstrates a strong level of professionalism. We love the teacher to child ratio and the curriculum is far superior to anything else we’ve seen in Hoboken. Our daughter absolutely loves going to Tessa!”

Sienna’s Parents

“To everyone at Tessa. We would like to thank you for the care and kindness that you have shown to our son and our family. The school did a wonderful job helping our son adjust to his very first school and his first experience being away from his parents. The classroom provided an environment where he was able to gain new friends and for the most part he looked forward to school most mornings. He has grown in confidence and we attribute that to the security he felt with his teachers

“We are very pleased with the education Tessa has been providing for our son. We feel they offer an environment in which he can thrive and shine. In the few months he’s been there, his knowledge of Spanish has grown tremendously. We love hearing him count and sing in Spanish! And we can tell the teachers and administration care about each and every one of the students; he is genuinely happy to go to school each day. We are very happy to be a part of the Tessa family!”

Nicholas’s Parents

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