Woodworking at Tessa

Tessa International School has partnered with Kidbilt to provide an engaging afters-chool program devoted to woodworking.  Here is what they have to say about it:

In our after school woodshop class, kids as young as 4 years old are learning how to work with real tools building projects out of wood.  We take the kids through he entire woodworking process from start to finish.  We learn about where wood and lumber comes from and how it’s made.  The different species of wood look and feel different as well as have different properties.  Cherry wood is harder than pine. 
Students learn how to use the measuring tools such as rulers, squares, measuring tape and angle measure.  We measure and mark desired lengths of the project pieces before cutting them with a hand saw.  Students use a small hand pull saw one on one with the teacher.  We teach them the importance of using a woodworking clamp by attaching the piece we are working with securely to the table before using a saw so that the free hand can be at a safe distance away from the blade.  Students learn various joinery techniques – we use a drill to make pilot holes to attach pieces by using screws, nails or dowels.  In the process students are practicing hand eye coordination when using a hammer, a pincer grasp and fine motor skills when turning the screw in with a screwdriver.  Students are also taught various finishing techniques such as sanding with different grit paper, using mineral oil or using wax.  
Projects during the semester include, toy car/ vehicles, sail boat, airplane, bird feeder, tool box, step stool.  We try to make sure students are excited about the projects and ask for their input on what they would prefer building. 

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