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Having Fun in Hoboken: Kid-Friendly Activities in Hudson County

The kids are running around the house with the fervor of a squirrel on any street in the north end during rush hour traffic, and the decibel level in your living room could rival the JFK runway. Yes, it’s the end of winter and the beginning of parents everywhere pleading for warmer temperatures so they […]

Kids-Eye-View: Kid-Centric Hoboken Through the Eyes of Our Children

When it comes to Hoboken, few things grasp the essence of the city like the pier, the river walkway, and the city’s deep Italian roots. Being the birthplace of Frank Sinatra and boasting local celebs like Buddy Valastro, Jr. (otherwise known as ‘Cake Boss’), it’s easy to understand why so many choose to call it […]

Language Spotlight Series: French – Boosting Your Child’s Future Opportunities

For the final segment of our Language Spotlight Series, we are taking a look at the benefits of choosing French as a bilingual study program for early education. While we’ve thoroughly covered the immense benefits of bilingual learning in previous sections of the series, for this portion we will be focused solely on the advantages […]

Language Spotlight Series: Spanish – Giving Your Child a Career Advantage

More and more evidence has come to light in recent years in support of adding a second (or third) language to your child’s curriculum. While many parents may be apprehensive about introducing additional language learning to their child at a young age, research has shown early education is a fantastic time to begin bilingual teaching. […]

Language Spotlight Series: How to Choose a Second Language for Your Child

So, you’ve done your research and you’ve seen the benefits of bilingual education for children… now what? If you’re not already a bilingual household, deciding which second language your child should begin learning can be a difficult decision. Chances are, you have decided to expand your child’s language learning because you’ve seen the immeasurable benefits […]

Language Spotlight Series: The Importance of Bilingualism in Early Childhood Education

Parents often seek advice from pediatricians and early education professionals on what their children should be learning. By now it’s pretty much common knowledge that reading to young ones is a fundamental tool, as is having frequent conversations with them. These key components teach children the basics for language and communication foundations that will stay […]

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