Tessa Teachers on the first day of Hispanic Heritage Month

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month at Tessa International School

Hispanic Heritage Month is a wonderful time to celebrate the vibrant cultures and contributions of Hispanic and Latino Americans. At Tessa International School, where a rich mosaic of Hispanic cultures is represented among our community of families and teachers, we are deeply committed to embracing all of our cultures and providing a global education experience. During this special month, we came together to honor Hispanic heritage in various engaging ways. Let’s take a closer look at some of the activities that took place this past month:


Embracing the Cultural Diversity of our Educators


We began by showcasing the cultural identities of our Spanish team. On the first day, they dressed in clothes representing their Hispanic backgrounds. It was a colorful way to highlight the diverse Hispanic community at our school.

Tessa Teachers on the first day of Hispanic Heritage Month

“Cuentos del Árbol”


The highlight of our celebration was a bilingual play called “Cuentos del Árbol” (“The Tree of Tales”). It was performed by the PushCart Players, a group known for educating children through theater. The play was about a special tree that sheltered and nurtured many characters. This tree symbolized the shared heritage and experiences of Hispanic and Latino cultures. The kids loved the performance, and they got to practice their Spanish while having fun.

Bilingual play for Hispanic Heritage Month

Exploring Hispanic Literature


During the month, our librarian and teachers introduced students to books that explored Hispanic culture. These books included stories, fables, and the achievements of remarkable Hispanic individuals. It was a way for our students to learn more about the Hispanic heritage.

Dressing Up and Dancing


Our youngest students represented different Hispanic cultures through dressing in special clothing. They received a visit from the PushCart Player crew, who were also dressed up in cultural outfits. Additionally, our Spanish teacher, Miss Miranda, taught some of her students how to dance the Merengue!

Astronomy and Inspiration


In one of their learning activities, PK4 students learned about Ellen Ochoa, a Mexican astronaut. She was the first Hispanic woman in space. Her story inspired our students and showed them that Hispanic individuals have achieved great things in various fields.

Hispanic Heritage Month at Tessa International School was a time of learning, celebrating, and coming together. Our students explored the rich Hispanic cultures and appreciated the contributions of Hispanic individuals. We look forward to continuing this journey of exploration, learning, and celebration in our multicultural world.

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