Learning French is fun with TessaPrep!

Tessa International School’ offers Tessaprep After School French on Wednesdays and Fridays. TessaPrep classes include Spanish, French and Mandarin immersion classes offered by Tessa’s own team. They take place for 1.5 hours twice a week which we believe is the exposure necessary to give students a meaningful foundation in the language.

Here is what our After School Teacher, Ms. Aline, has to say about a recent lesson. 

At the after-school French program, we started our most recent lesson with a free-inquiry activity on the tables. Students chose from puzzles, drawings, geometry, and arts. Then, we had Circle Time about the lesson of the week. We had already studied the french alphabet, and now we are learning about fruits and vegetables. We are making sure that all the children are engaged in the lesson by making them participate by introducing themselves, describing the weather, counting, learning the names of colors, and also talking about their feelings. For each theme, a game is used to facilitate the learning process of the children.  Then, a logical thinking activity or art activity is proposed to the children of the program. We end the lessons with some French songs to keep them engaged.

Tessaprep is a fun way to learn French!

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