Little Gardeners, a creative after school program

Calling all young creatives!

We are excited to offer a new after school program called Little Gardeners.  Little Gardeners spans over the course of January for four fun-filled classes of exploring and creating nature-inspired artwork.  Tessa’s young gardeners and artists will learn about the life of a plant and have the unique opportunity to create two ceramic pieces.  Here’s what each day will look like:

Week 1: Leaves, Textures, and Clay

Students will use natural objects while learning how to imprint leaves directly onto clay surfaces.  The clay slabs that we imprint onto will then become small plates and trays for each student to take home at the end of the program. 


Week 2:  Pinch Pots

On our second class we will learn a new ceramic technique to make small pots that will later become planters.  After the pots have been constructed students can then use different natural materials to create imprints and designs on the clay surface. 


Week 3: Adding Color

On our third class we will add some color by painting our ceramic projects from the previous classes.  The rest of the class will be spent preparing for what is to come in our final class: growing a plant!



Week 4: Sowing the Seed

On the last day of the program each student will get all of their finished ceramic work and we will plant a seed in the pinch pot.  We will then learn about how to take care of the seed and help it grow into a strong and healthy plant. Students can then bring both projects home that day.



What Else You Should Know

The Little Gardeners program is a very unique opportunity for your child to engage in a new artmaking processes and create quality ceramic pieces that will be fired at an off-site ceramic studio.  All materials are included in the fee and all pieces created are made with non-toxic glazes and are food safe.    

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