A class of primary students at Tessa International School holding up a poster of the earth written in Spanish.

4 Benefits of an International Education: A World of Opportunity

In an increasingly interconnected world, providing your child with an international education is a vital investment in their future. Beyond the traditional classroom setting, international education offers many advantages beyond academic achievement. At Tessa International School, our students benefit from four key aspects of international schooling that contribute to the holistic development of young minds. They carry these benefits well into their adulthood. Keep reading to discover them!

1. Cultural Competence Is One of the Benefits of International Education

What are the most important benefits of having international students in a school? One of the most significant advantages of an international education is the cultivation of cultural competence. Exposing young children to diverse cultures from an early age fosters an understanding and appreciation for global perspectives.

Through interaction with peers from various backgrounds, children learn to navigate and embrace differences, developing a sense of open-mindedness and empathy. This cultural competence becomes a lifelong asset, preparing them to thrive in an interconnected world where collaboration and understanding across borders are essential.

2. Students at Tessa Benefit From Improved Language Proficiency 

An international education involves exposure to multiple languages. Little minds are like sponges, absorbing linguistic nuances with ease. At Tessa, we take advantage of this optimal window of opportunity by providing a multilingual environment where our students soak up Spanish, French, and Mandarin lessons.

A class of Tessa International School primary students presenting a concert on multiculturalism.

Multilingualism is a benefit of international school that improves development.

Multilingualism enhances cognitive abilities and provides a solid foundation for future language acquisition. Proficiency in multiple languages facilitates effective communication and opens up opportunities in an increasingly globalized job market. Moreover, it fosters a deep appreciation for language as a tool for connecting with others and understanding different cultures. Multilingualism is one of the most unifying benefits of international education.

3. Students Develop a Global Perspective and Strong Critical Thinking Skills

International education fosters a global perspective, encouraging little ones to think beyond geographical boundaries. Exposure to diverse curricula (we offer international baccalaureate and kindergarten programs accredited by the French Ministry of Education) and teaching methods challenges children to think critically, analyze situations from multiple angles, and develop problem-solving skills.

This broader worldview is a unique benefit of international education that equips children to navigate the complexities of our interconnected world. These critical thinking skills are invaluable, empowering young learners to approach challenges with creativity and adaptability, which are essential for success in a rapidly evolving global landscape.

Two young Tessa International school students in class raising their hands.

Students at our international school develop cognitive solid and learning abilities.

4. Network Building and Future Opportunities

The friendships and connections formed during an international education can last a lifetime and extend across the globe. Building a network of friends from different countries provides a unique support system and rich cultural insights. As our friends at Tessa grow into adults, these global connections can open doors to exciting opportunities in various fields. Navigating diverse social and professional environments becomes a distinct advantage, setting the stage for a bright future.

Why is international school important for students? In an increasingly interconnected world, providing your child with an international education is a smart investment in their future. What is the impact of international education? This educational approach equips students with the necessary tools by fostering cultural competence, language proficiency, global perspective, and network building. As we look ahead, providing our children with an international education is a commitment to preparing our little ones for the challenges and opportunities of a world without borders.

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