A class of students learning an international school curriculum posing together in a circle on a map carpet in a classroom.

What Is an International School and Why Should You Consider One?

As a parent of a school-going child, you may wonder how you can provide an education that prepares them for our rapidly changing world. International schools offer children a range of unique benefits and competencies that they will continue to use throughout their education and far into the future.

At Tessa, we’re proud of the diversity within our community, and we understand that a quality international education offers so much more than language instruction. Keep reading for a comprehensive introduction to international schools, the special features they offer, and why you should consider enrolling your child. 

What Is an International School?

According to a report by ISC Research, the popularity of international schools has grown significantly in the past ten years. As of 2022, we’ve seen an astounding 60% increase in the number of international schools across the globe. Why is this? Since most parents today are involved in a global workforce, they are aware of the benefits an international education offers as the world grows more connected each day.

Forward-thinking parents seek an education for their children that provides the skills and attitudes necessary for navigating an increasingly connected society. That’s where international schools come in. What is an international school

International schools provide globalized education to students, often introducing them to different languages and cultures. Typically located in diverse, metropolitan areas, international schools are particularly appealing to expat families who may be seeking a familiar learning environment for their children. Of course, the benefits of international schooling apply to every child, no matter their background. What unique features do they offer?

A line of students learning an international school curriculum dressed in cultural attire speaking to each other at a cultural event.

An international school curriculum is transferable and diverse.

Special Features of International School

When you enroll your child in an international school, you can expect an enriched educational experience that provides the following special features: 

  • Transferable Curriculum: International schools often follow curriculums like the International Baccalaureate, which is the same all over the world. As a result, children who transfer from one international school to another can adjust seamlessly on an academic level. Tessa is proudly recognized as an IB school offering the Primary Years Program (PYP). Academic programs are certainly major factors to consider when choosing an international school
  • Familiar Learning Environment For Expat Students: Intentional schools can provide much-needed familiarity to expat students. For example, Tessa is accredited by the French Ministry of Education, providing a learning experience that our French expat families are acquainted with. As many students and their families are experiencing a new culture, international schools support the needs of the multicultural experience.
  • An Introduction To Global Citizenship: Global citizenship refers to a valuable quality that an individual possesses. It’s an understanding and respect for the world’s interconnectedness and diversity. A global citizen is aware of the world around them and takes meaningful action. These individuals display qualities that employers all over the world are seeking. At Tessa, students are immersed in a wide variety of cultures and are taught to appreciate the differences among them. 

Why You Should Consider International School

There are so many reasons to consider international school for your child. At Tessa, we provide Spanish, French, and Mandarin bilingual tracks in addition to lessons in English. However, the learning experience at Tessa goes beyond language proficiency. Our lifelong learning model sets the foundation for positive development and endows our students with skills that will continue to serve them throughout life.

A class of students learning an international school curriculum presenting an internationally-themed play in front of spectators.

Our international school curriculum prepares students to thrive.

Isabelle’s dad said of her experience with us: “It’s not just bilingualism. Tessa helped my daughter speak complete sentences in Spanish (which is amazing!), but every day, there’s something new and enriching: from the cultural speakers to Liberty Science Center visitors and music classes – it’s great knowing that your child is at an elite school that’s really pulling out all the stops to help them develop.” 

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