The Benefits of Inquiry-Based Education

children raising painted hands for inquiry based learning

As your preschooler is exposed to learning, it’s likely that his or her inquisitive nature will reveal itself. At Tessa International School in Hoboken New Jersey, we encourage our students to take charge of their learning with an inquiry-based learning approach based on the International Baccalaureate framework.

What is Inquiry-Based Learning?

While many preschool teachers begin the process of learning by presenting students with information, with inquiry-based learning, teachers first ask the students what they would like to learn and go from there. This innovative method of teaching helps the students to gain a better understanding through their own initiative and curiosity.

Inquiry-based learning encourages students to engage in the process of gathering data and to seek answers to their questions. Rather than being handed information, students are taught to ask questions, gather information, interpret data, and produce practical solutions. It teaches students to take action. Students are also taught to develop insightful questions and understand context.

As a result, your preschooler learns the fundamentals of problem solving, a mission Tessa International School is committed to in the classroom.

Benefits of Inquiry-Based Learning

  1. Students exposed to inquiry-based learning are given the opportunity to nurture their talents and passions. They take control of their learning during the unit of work being taught. Your preschooler is given the freedom to be driven by their own curiosity for learning.
  2. Inquiry-based learning encourages your preschooler to use their voice when problem solving.They feel as if their mind is respected and their choices are valid. When students become active in the learning process, they are also more likely to seek solutions and keep an open mind when learning about processes involved in discovery. They feel empowered.
  3. Inquiry-based learning promotes the act of questioning concepts and materials, so your child begins to understand the importance of having an inquisitive mind. As a result, she gains confidence when encouraged to ask about concepts related to educational materials, social skills, cultural differences and behavioral expectations. This openness to learn helps to guide them through life with an open mind.
  4. While many classroom curriculum programs focus on memorization and facts, inquiry-based learning teaches your child to seek a deeper understanding of the process and materials presented to them.
  5. Even as preschoolers, it’s important for students to take ownership of their learning. Inquiry-based learning approaches promote this practice. Students are involved in setting educational goals and are guided through the process of reaching these goals and then assessing how they did and what they learned at the end of it all.
  6. This learning style impacts your little one long into their adult life because inquiry-based learning shows your child how to investigate and research independently, without assistance. With enhanced research skills, your child will have the skillset to evaluate credible sources and online content later in life.
  7. As we learn and grow, life presents many challenges and questions. When exposed to inquiry-based learning techniques, your child learns how to take control of her learning through perseverance. With a clear focus on the growth of each student’s mind through self-regulation, this learning approach aids in developing your child’s sense of responsibility, not only as a student, but also a citizen.
  8. Most importantly, inquiry-based learning is designed to foster a love of learning for children of all ages. Your child is encouraged to seek out the knowledge he or she is passionate about on a daily basis. Students also learn how to make each learning opportunity a journey of discovery, with a little fun along the way.

If you’re interested in learning more about the creative curriculum approaches of Tessa International School, contact us today to see how we are committed to this progressive framework and to excellence.

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