A Very Tessa April

As the weather warms up and the first spring flowers bloom, we have many projects budding here at Tessa! Here is what we have been up to recently.


Earth Month

Throughout April, our classes emphasized the importance of our planet and environment. Earth Day is an annual event on April 22 to demonstrate support for environmental protection. At Tessa, we like to say that Earth Day is all year long. From composting food scraps, and making their own paper, to learning how to clean the ocean: have a sneak peek of some activities our students participated in to learn about and celebrate the environment. To celebrate this day with the community, Tessa participated in the Earth Day Fair (Main streets Pops), on April 23!


Easter Bunny

This month, we had a surprise guest! The Easter Bunny visited each classroom with her assistant, Ms. Kathleen, who distributed playdough eggs. The children got to ask questions, hug and dance with the Easter Bunny!💗




Visitors from NYU


On April 21, NYU’s director of teacher training programs for Mandarin and the director of teacher training programs in French visited Tessa. They talked with some of our staff and visited the school, they were very impressed by what they saw in the classrooms! We have made connections with NYU and Columbia and are working to create teacher intern programs for Tessa. This exciting venture will bring us staff, interns, and professional connections!

Vacation Care

During the April Break, the school stayed open for Vacation Care. Vacation Care is offered to Tessa’s parents when school is not in session for breaks such as Winter Break or Spring Break and more. Vacation Care is in English and runs from 8.30 AM to 6 PM. The day involves structured play, arts and crafts, story-time, outside play, free play, and lunch, and is designed to be fun for our students!


End of Unit

At Tessa, we encourage curiosity through hands-on activities, to spark the desire to learn and understand more about the world. PK3 parents were invited to their child’s end-of-unit celebration for “How the world works”. Through planets, dinosaurs, butterflies, and, of course, our little chicks, students fully understood the concept of the “cycle of life”, and all the transformations that species of our world can go through during their lifetime. The French PK3 class went back to the Jurassic times and held various activities related to archeology. The Mandarin PK3 students held a show about planets and solar systems, and fully mastered the duck dance! They even invited their parents on the dancefloor. Our Spanish PK3s organized games and crafts, in beautiful, themed decor. Including an exhibit on the different animals that they observed growing at Tessa. What was at one point an egg and caterpillars are now cute chicks and beautiful butterflies.


Conseil Consulaire des Bourses

Following our French Homologation, we participated in our first “Conseil consulaire des bourses AEFE”. Our founder met with representatives from the French government and from neighboring French schools, to discuss scholarships proposed by the French government.

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Step Up week!

This week is the “step up” week at Tessa. Students will visit their future teachers in their future classes in the coming days. Step Up days are 45-minute sessions where students can experience their future classes and discover what they will be learning. They become time travelers, taking a trip into their 2023-24 school year

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