Beyond the Classroom: Tessa International School’s Advisory Board Shaping Educational Success

At Tessa International School, our commitment to excellence extends beyond the classroom, and a crucial pillar supporting this commitment is our esteemed Advisory Board. Comprising dedicated individuals who generously volunteer their time, the board plays a pivotal role in upholding the school’s mission, and strategically steering Tessa towards a future of continued success.



The heartbeat of the Advisory Board is its commitment to safeguarding Tessa International School’s mission. This dedicated group of individuals actively engages in formal strategic planning, oversees day-to-day operations, and serves as stewards of the school’s invaluable resources, ensuring the school’s financial health and sustainability.


Working collaboratively with the Head of School and Founder, the board focuses on long-range and strategic issues, embodying the highest ethical standards and principles of fiscal integrity. This commitment requires a significant investment in time, dedication to the school’s welfare, and a readiness to navigate challenges.



Meeting three times a year, the Advisory Board is a lean yet impactful group, comprising a minimum of six members. The Head of School and Founder foster collaboration between the board and the school’s leadership. 


Meet Our Board Members:

Tessa International School’s Advisory Board is comprised of distinguished figures from the highest echelons of the New York City and national education sphere, bringing a wealth of expertise and insight to guide the school’s strategic vision and uphold its commitment to excellence.

  • Jan Abernathy – Chief Communications Officer at The Browning School

Jan brings extensive experience in communications and DEI counsel for educational institutions. Her leadership in various independent school conferences and organizations reflects a commitment to fostering representation and professional growth.


  • Amada Torres – Vice President of Studies, Insights, and Research at NAIS

Amada’s role as Vice President at NAIS highlights her expertise in national studies, financial sustainability, admissions, and marketing. Her international experience adds a valuable perspective to the board’s discussions.


  • Kate Turley – Educator and Educational Administrator

With four decades of experience in education, Kate’s leadership in progressive education and her roles in multiple New York City independent schools bring a wealth of knowledge to the board. Her commitment to various trustee positions underscores her dedication to educational excellence.


  • Robin E. Harvey – Clinical Associate Professor of TESOL, Bilingual and World Language Education

Dr. Harvey’s expertise in language education, teacher training, and her involvement in various educational organizations make her a valuable asset to the board. Her commitment to bilingual and immersion settings aligns with Tessa’s diverse and inclusive mission.


  • Pascale Richard – Conseillère des Français de l’étranger

A distinguished career in journalism, cultural events at the Lycee Francais de New York, and expatriate services positions Pascale as a well-rounded member. Her role as Conseillère des Français de l’étranger demonstrates her commitment to serving the global French community.


  • Brenda E. Levis – Founder of NYC Navigator

Brenda’s entrepreneurial spirit and extensive experience in global relocation services bring a unique perspective to the board. Her understanding of the challenges of international moves enriches discussions on the evolving landscape of education.


Tessa International School is privileged to have an Advisory Board comprising individuals with diverse expertise, united by a common goal—nurturing excellence in education. Their selfless dedication, strategic vision, and commitment to Tessa’s mission ensure that our school continues to thrive and provide an exceptional learning environment for all our students. We extend our deepest gratitude to each trustee for their invaluable contributions and look forward to a future of continued success under their guidance.

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