Having Fun in Hoboken: Kid-Friendly Activities in Hudson County

Having Fun in Hoboken: Kid-Friendly Activities in Hudson County

The kids are running around the house with the fervor of a squirrel on any street in the north end during rush hour traffic, and the decibel level in your living room could rival the JFK runway. Yes, it’s the end of winter and the beginning of parents everywhere pleading for warmer temperatures so they can send the kids outdoors for outside activities before losing their last bit of sanity (the parents, not the kids).

If you find yourself with a bit of cabin-fever and can’t wait for the more tepid days of summer, you’re not alone. It’s one thing to be cooped up inside during the long winter months, but for parents – especially those with younger children – it can be downright maddening.

When you find that old man winter has been hanging on with his icy grip for a bit too long (and honestly, I think we all feel that way this time of year), you will likely find yourself searching for things to do outside of the house; Something – anything – that will let your kids constructively let out their energy without sacrificing your family home (or your mind).

Kid-Friendly Activities in Hudson County

Because we’ve all been there, here is a list of places in Hudson County that you can visit with your littles when the clutches of winter seem never-ending:

1 – Urban Jungle Play – Hoboken

If you need an indoor retreat for your tykes that will both keep their minds engaged and give them some physical activity (your furniture will thank you later), try Urban Jungle Play. Here they’ll be able to construct foam buildings, participate in early learning play classes, or even attend various camps. With tons of activities for kids of all ages, it’s a great place to let them be kids outside of the house.  

2 – Liberty Science Center – Jersey City

Few things will captivate a young mind more than an experience that combines fun and education in one setting. The Liberty Science Center is a fantastic way to immerse your child in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) learning through exciting and play-oriented means. Visit the museum to explore space through the planetarium, navigate the sensory tunnel, or let your children try their balance in the state-of-the-art infinity climber.

3 – Pump It Up – Secaucus

When the kids seem to have an endless supply of energy, try checking out Pump It Up in Secaucus. The indoor bounce houses will give your children an infinite amount of fun to spend their energy on. Though Pump It Up is known for their party rentals, they do offer open jump times where children can come and bounce in any number of inflatables for hours on end.

4 – Play City – Weehawken

With a focus on catering to both parents/caretakers and children, Play City is a great place to spend a few hours when you need to get out of the house with the kiddos. Here you’ll be able to either participate in activities with your child, such as their “Music Together” program, or simply relax in the café while the little ones play on their own. They have tons of activities for kids to choose from, ensuring they’ll find plenty of fun to keep themselves entertained for a while.

5 – Hudson PLAY – Jersey City

If you have a blended household with kids of all ages, Hudson PLAY might be a great option for you! With everything from rock climbing walls for the older kids to soft play areas for the little ones, it’s a great indoor activity center to let them burn their excess energy! And bonus – there’s also a nice little café included for moms, dads, and caregivers to recharge while the kids play.

Whether it’s bounce houses or rock-climbing walls, Hoboken and Hudson County have excellent options to help you beat your cabin fever. Or, in some cases (most?), help you keep your sanity by wearing the kids out indoors before the weather warms up! Need more ideas? Check out these other fun experiences in Hoboken!

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