Having Fun in Hoboken: Kid-Friendly Activities in Hudson County

Having Fun in Hoboken: Kid-Friendly Activities in Hudson County

The kids are running around the house with the fervor of a squirrel on any street in the north end during rush hour traffic, and the decibel level in your living room could rival the JFK runway. Yes, it’s the end of winter and the beginning of parents everywhere pleading for warmer temperatures so they can send the kids outdoors for outside activities before losing their last bit of sanity (the parents, not the kids).

If you find yourself with a bit of cabin-fever and can’t wait for the more tepid days of summer, you’re not alone. It’s one thing to be cooped up inside during the long winter months, but for parents – especially those with younger children – it can be downright maddening.

When you find that old man winter has been hanging on with his icy grip for a bit too long (and honestly, I think we all feel that way this time of year), you will likely find yourself searching for things to do outside of the house; Something – anything – that will let your kids constructively let out their energy without sacrificing your family home (or your mind).

Kid-Friendly Activities in Hudson County

Because we’ve all been there, here is a list of places in Hudson County that you can visit with your littles when the clutches of winter seem never-ending:

1 – Urban Jungle Play – Hoboken

If you need an indoor retreat for your tykes that will both keep their minds engaged and give them some physical activity (your furniture will thank you later), try Urban Jungle Play. Here they’ll be able to construct foam buildings, participate in early learning play classes, or even attend various camps. With tons of activities for kids of all ages, it’s a great place to let them be kids outside of the house.  

2 – Liberty Science Center – Jersey City

Few things will captivate a young mind more than an experience that combines fun and education in one setting. The Liberty Science Center is a fantastic way to immerse your child in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) learning through exciting and play-oriented means. Visit the museum to explore space through the planetarium, navigate the sensory tunnel, or let your children try their balance in the state-of-the-art infinity climber.

3 – Pump It Up – Secaucus

When the kids seem to have an endless supply of energy, try checking out Pump It Up in Secaucus. The indoor bounce houses will give your children an infinite amount of fun to spend their energy on. Though Pump It Up is known for their party rentals, they do offer open jump times where children can come and bounce in any number of inflatables for hours on end.

4 – Play City – Weehawken

With a focus on catering to both parents/caretakers and children, Play City is a great place to spend a few hours when you need to get out of the house with the kiddos. Here you’ll be able to either participate in activities with your child, such as their “Music Together” program, or simply relax in the café while the little ones play on their own. They have tons of activities for kids to choose from, ensuring they’ll find plenty of fun to keep themselves entertained for a while.

5 – Hudson PLAY – Jersey City

If you have a blended household with kids of all ages, Hudson PLAY might be a great option for you! With everything from rock climbing walls for the older kids to soft play areas for the little ones, it’s a great indoor activity center to let them burn their excess energy! And bonus – there’s also a nice little café included for moms, dads, and caregivers to recharge while the kids play.

Whether it’s bounce houses or rock-climbing walls, Hoboken and Hudson County have excellent options to help you beat your cabin fever. Or, in some cases (most?), help you keep your sanity by wearing the kids out indoors before the weather warms up! Need more ideas? Check out these other fun experiences in Hoboken!

Kids-Eye-View: Kid-Centric Hoboken Through the Eyes of Our Children

Kids-Eye-View: Kid-Centric Hoboken Through the Eyes of Our Children

When it comes to Hoboken, few things grasp the essence of the city like the pier, the river walkway, and the city’s deep Italian roots. Being the birthplace of Frank Sinatra and boasting local celebs like Buddy Valastro, Jr. (otherwise known as ‘Cake Boss’), it’s easy to understand why so many choose to call it home.

But what about the younger generations? Hoboken, though rich in culture and experience for adults, is seen quite a bit differently through the eyes of its youngest population. So just how does Hoboken look to the littles of the city?

It’s one thing to search for certain “kid-friendly” activities and locations, but how do you choose a place your child will truly enjoy? Well, for starters, we thought it might help to take a look at what your child is seeing on your city adventures with them.

While most of us appreciate places that are understanding and accepting of family dynamics (hence the ‘kid-friendly’ aspect), there’s a bigger picture here. Namely, if we’re looking for ‘kid-friendly’ locations, we’re usually looking for something that is going to capture our child’s attention and (hopefully) give them a fantastically entertaining learning experience simultaneously. Or, at the very least, a chance for some physical activity to wear them out for nap time. However, there is a bigger picture here.

The Research

Beyond the “fun” aspect (or the “wearing them out” one), getting kids actively involved in their communities has an enormous impact on their futures. In fact, according to an article in UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Magazine,  “research shows that getting kids involved increases their commitment to civic participation” later in life as well.

Researchers have found that focusing on what children show an interest in around their communities, increases the likelihood that they will explore and experience their surroundings. In short, when we try to see the city through the eyes of our children, we can better supply them with opportunities that are actually ‘kid-centric’, not just ‘kid-friendly.’

Kid-Centric Vs. Kid-Friendly

Kid-friendly locations like the ball pit at Romparoo, or the indoor jungle gyms of Urban Jungle Play are fantastic places for your child to gain some active play time. They are also great for arts and crafts and other exploratory and imagination play.

Hoboken is certainly rich with these kid-friendly locations. A quick Google search will have you lining up play dates at various kiddy locations in no-time, but are they your only option? In short – no. Not by a long shot.

To gain a more ‘kid-centric’ experience for children, researchers across the country have been turning their focus on more natural activities. Some cities, like Boulder, Colorado and Jacksonville, Florida, have even gone so far as to include children in the design process of their city’s public spaces. Why? What better way to encourage children to engage in their communities than to incorporate their views in the design?

Kids Designing for Kids

According to Mara Mintzer, one of the researchers involved in studying communities that participate in the kid-centric city planning, the most important thing to consider is what sparks the interest of children.

When you walk down Hoboken’s waterfront walkway with your children, what do they see? Do they see the city skyline and a great place for a jog? Or do they see the grass and the trees; hear the animals and smell the flowers? (Hint: it’s the latter.)

“Kids value things that often get pushed aside by big-money interests… in literally every single piece of work we’ve ever done with kids, they’re always (especially the younger kids) requesting more nature in their spaces – more animals, more plants, more flowers, colors,” says Mintzer.

Kids-Eye View

Through all of their research, city planners around the country have taken a look at what children see when they are immersed in their communities. You might think they’d notice the flashy lights of downtown or the familiar golden arches of a certain kid-geared fast-food chain, but you’d be wrong – at least, in part.

Their biggest findings? Kids love to explore. Finding areas where children can be free to roam and explore their surroundings – namely, nature – is the simplest way to cater to their curiosity and make the most of their experiences in the community.

Since children are inquisitive by nature, give them experiences that will nurture their desire to learn. Sure, you can do this by visiting specific kid-friendly places around town, but there are so many other ways to do the same. Actually, by viewing Hoboken through the eyes of our children, we open up a plethora of opportunities for them – most of which cost nothing more than our time. Here are a few of our favorite kid-centric activities to try in Hoboken:

Kid-Centric Activities in Hoboken

1 – The Waterfront Walkway

It may seem like an obvious choice, but when you look at the river walk through the eyes of your child, the learning opportunities are abundant. Head down to the pier and make a game of counting the ferries you see or imagine where the passengers may be off to. Watch the skies for nearby aircraft coming in and out of city helipads – who knows, you may spark the interest of a future pilot or captain!

2 – The Cove Boathouse

If you’ve visited the walkway and your child wants a more up-close water experience, try the Hoboken Cove Community Boathouse! Renting a kayak for a ride down the Hudson is an awesome way to spark your child’s inquisitive nature. By letting them see the city from the waterways, you give your children a unique opportunity to explore their surroundings from a different angle.

3 – The Pier Parks

Taking to heart the research findings that suggest kids love to explore uninhibited, a trip to any one of Hoboken’s public parks might be just the ticket. With wide open spaces, plenty of greenery and nature, and designated play areas, the parks are a fantastic way to let kids explore nature and their surroundings to their heart’s content.

4 – The Hoboken Fire Department Museum

Kids love hands-on experiences – a fact which makes Hoboken’s Fire Department Museum a fun outing for kids too. Combining history and the irresistible iconic red trucks, the Fire Department Museum is a great way to mix learning and play. If your little one loves to learn by touching everything in sight (and let’s be honest, they all do), they will love the fire truck “driving” experience they’ll get during the tour! Fire trucks not their thing? Check out any of these other historical sites in Hoboken as well.

5 – Castle Point Skate Park

Another thing that catches your child’s attention? Other children and what they’re doing. It’s no surprise that our kids pick up things that older siblings or friends are doing, and they usually love learning by immersion with others. What better way to expose your child to kids of all ages than to bring them to a skate park? Let them explore new activities and skills by giving them a place to observe others around them in an environment designated just for them.

Overall, if you’re looking for ‘kid-friendly’ activities for your child in Hoboken, try considering a ‘kid-centric’ one by looking at things from a kids-eye-view. Get out there and explore!

The Best Historical Sites to Show Children in Hoboken

by Tori Galatro

Hoboken has a rich history. It contains stories about Lenni Lenape Native Americans, Dutch settlers, baseball, land and water transportation, immigration, diversity, and booms and busts of growth and development. There’s something that every age group will find interesting, including children. The City of Hoboken has put a strong emphasis on historical preservation, and a lot of resources are devoted to keeping these treasures intact and accessible to the public. Families have a lot to discover in Hoboken.

The Hoboken Historical Museum

The Hoboken Historical Museum is a great first stop on a historical tour of Hoboken. The museum has a strong emphasis on their children and family guests, featuring storytime, childrens’ nights at the museum, family fun days, holiday concerts, and summer and day camps. The museum is open six days a week and totally free for children. There are rotating exhibits as well as permanent ones, featuring everything from old photographs, to artifacts, to local art.

The Fire Department Museum

The Fire Department Museum is also owned by the Hoboken Historical Museum, and is also free for children. Open Saturday and Sundays from noon to five, children love looking at the old fire trucks and getting a chance to meet some of the firefighter veterans and their dogs. There’s a historical shiny red Ahrens Fox fire engine that children can sit in and ring a big brass bell. The Museum caters to young visitors, and offers storytime and other family-friendly activities.

The Historic Walking Tour

The nice thing about Hoboken history is that so much of it can be explored on foot, simply walking from place to place. This is ideal for children to let out some energy and explore whatever strikes them. You don’t need to worry about your children being noisy and running around when everything is outside!

A guide is available to The Historic Walking Tour on the Hoboken Historical Museum website, and you can adapt your own tour according to what you think your children will find most fun. The tour includes buildings, parks, and monuments.

Children will most likely find the visually stunning sites to be most interesting. This includes an old firehouse, steeples, buildings that look like castles, large brass monuments of historical figures, cathedrals, and the train station terminal. Elysian Park is a stop on the tour, where the first recorded baseball game was played. Daring children will want to peer into Sybil’s Cave, where a body was once found in the 1800s, and which inspired an Edgar Allen Poe story. But don’t fear. The entrance to the cave is completely safe for children. The tour also includes Castle Park, which is the highest point in Hoboken, and offers a breathtaking view of Manhattan. Children love to identify the distant buildings like the Freedom Tower and the Empire State Building.

Hoboken has a great history of land and water transportation, so just pointing out the fire trucks, trains, and boats is enough to inspire many young children. There are also so many opportunities to point out historical landmarks while you’re out doing errands, or going on a walk, that aren’t so commonplace in many other cities in the U.S. It’s one of the things that makes Hoboken a great place to live.

Five Fantastic Pet Shops in Hudson County

All caregivers want the best for their loved ones. You want the best schools for your children and you want the best pet care for their four-legged friends. If you live in Hudson County, New Jersey, you have a wide range of great pet stores to help you care for your furry family members. Here are five awesome pet stores in Hudson County to get you started.

Hoboken Pet

Located in Hoboken, just as the name suggests, this pet shop may be small, but it is mighty. Packed with anything a loving pet owner could want, this store has everything. You will find clothes for your dog, specialty dog and cat foods, toys, and a friendly staff that goes above and beyond the call of duty. The store’s owner, Hoboken Mike, is certified in pet nutrition and can answer any question you have on feeding your pet the best diet possible for its needs. This store produces a lot of happy customers.

Beowoof Provisions for Pets

Located in Hoboken and started in 2003, Beowoof has anything and everything a pet owner could want. From harnesses to beds to top brand pet foods, you are sure to find everything that you need. You can shop in the store, which is conveniently located near public transit lines, or online. The sense of fun that permeates the whole environment can certainly be seen on the website. There you will find pictures of some of their pet events where your pet can get his picture taken with Santa or the Easter Bunny.

Cornerstone Pets

Also located in Hoboken, this pet shop offers natural pet products and fast local delivery. Not only do they carry food and treats, but health products, toys and items to help you solve your pet care and training problems. Check out their website for informative videos with tips and tricks to help you care for your best friend. Visitors rave about the friendly, knowledgeable staff.

Caribbean Pets

Caribbean Pets is a full-service pet store, offering not just supplies but pets and pet services, too. You can go in to pick out a new best friend, purchase all of the necessary supplies, get it vaccinated and even get it groomed all in the same place. Opened in 2013, this Jersey City pet shop has everything a pet parent needs to get their new best friend off to a good start or to care for an old best friend as well. Not only do they care for your cats and dogs, but they also offer aquarium set-up and service. Check out their blog or talk to a member of their staff for tips on caring for your pet.

Weehawken Pet Shop

The Weehawken Pet Shop has a pretty simple business model: stocking a wide variety– including top name brands– at reasonable prices. They offer fast, free delivery and a staff that is ready to answer your questions and help you with your needs. You can find everything from treats and toys to cleaning and grooming supplies. They also offer grooming services with a gentle and loving pet groomer.

When you are looking for pet products and services close to your Hudson County, New Jersey home, you have many to choose from. For your pet, naturally, you want the best. This list of pet shops in Hudson County represent some of the top in pet products and services. Next time you need something for your pet, consider one of these. And when you want the best for your children visit Tessa International School.

5 Destinations for Vegans In and Around Hudson County

A good vegan place can be hard to find. But if you’re committed to eliminating animal products from your diet, it’s an essential! When you find a vegan-friendly restaurant, bakery, or cafe that serves up appetizing fare, it’s a reason to jump for joy. Fortunately, health-conscious, meat-free fare is on the rise. Whether you adopt a plant-based diet out of a love for animals or as part of a healthy lifestyle, it’s becoming easier than ever to find vegan favorites when you’re dining out. These vegan destinations in Hudson County will have you licking your plate!

Subia’s Organic Cafe

506 Jersey Ave, Jersey City
This eatery is nestled inside an organic market offering vegan-friendly fare. The menu serves up American-style favorites that won’t make you miss the meat. Try the California Dreamin’ burger made with a textured plant protein patty and topped with avocado, vegan mayo, sprouts, special sauce, and more. Try it with a signature smoothie or house-made juice blend, and you’ll see why locals say Subia’s serves the best vegan food in town.

Mundo Vegan

20 Church St, Montclair
If you’re craving a sit-down meal rather than Subia’s sandwiches and burgers, go to Mundo. The food is vegan, all organic, and free from GMOs. You’ll even find plenty of gluten-free options on the menu as well. The globally-inspired dishes range from vegan lasagna to chorizo picadillo. Customers say that even meat-eaters will find something to love here—and they might not believe that what they’re eating is “just plants.” The space is small but cozy, and outdoor seating is available during the warmer months.

Koro Koro

201 Washington St, Hoboken
Japanese cuisine offers a plethora of vegan-friendly options, and Koro Koro is proof of that. Onigiri, or sticky rice balls stuffed with savory fillings, are the main event here. The fusion-style menu isn’t fully vegan, but with meatless fillings like Indian chickpea curry and Moroccan vegetable, you’ll hardly notice. Koro Koro regularly makes top-ten lists for affordable eats, vegan eats, and all-around favorite spots in Jersey City.


9 Spring St, New Brunswick
This New Brunswick favorite offers an eclectic mix. Veganized‘s organic menu finds ways to turn favorite comfort foods into vegan-friendly dishes, from Philly-style mushroom wraps to a “mackin cheeze” made with sweet potato cashew cream. The vegan mac alone is enough to make Veganized a favorite place to eat. And that’s not all! They also offer a vegan brunch on the weekends. Stop by on Saturday or Sunday for a “no buttermilk biscuit” or an “unscramble” made with tofu and shiitake mushrooms.

Sweet Avenue Bake Shop

153 Park Ave, Rutherford
It’s not easy to make a vegan dessert without tasting the difference, but Sweet Avenue nails it every time. They’re an award-winning bakery that’s been in business for over 10 years. You’d never guess that their trendy cupcakes, round cakes, cookies, and more are made with no milk, no butter, and no eggs! They also offer plenty of gluten-free, soy-free, and/or nut-free options to cover every dietary restriction or allergen, so everyone can enjoy their treats. With rave reviews and unique flavors like S’mores and Strawberry Cheesecake, you’re sure to come back for more.

These vegan eateries offer something that anyone and everyone can enjoy, whether you’re a lifelong vegan, trying to eat more plant-based foods, or just curious about what an animal product-free diet is like. Organic, plant-based meals are a healthy choice for the whole family.

Good nutrition provides a solid foundation for children to learn and grow. A healthy body helps develop a healthy mind. At Tessa International School, we provide a world-class education that lets children flourish. We encourage cultural awareness and social development alongside academic challenges. Contact us for more information.

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Restaurant Patios to Enjoy in Nice Weather in and Around Hoboken, NJ

The spring and summer fly by so quickly in Hoboken. When the weather is nice, you’ll want to take advantage of all of the great eateries with patios, gardens, and outdoor seating. Going to a biergarten with friends? Planning a fancy date night? A day out with the family? There are plenty of opportunities to be outside enjoying the nice weather at any time of day, for any occasion, with any company, and feasting on any kind of cuisine. Here’s a list of some of our favorites:

Anthony David’s

953 Bloomfield St, Hoboken
Brunch, Merenda, and Dinner (Everyday)

This traditional Italian spot is a little upscale, but with the BYOB option, it’s an affordable date night. It’s a perfect spot for outdoor brunching any day of the week. Their small, but charming, sidewalk patio is on a neighborhood corner. Anthony David’s offers all-day options including salads, sandwiches, antipasto, and pastas.

Cafe Matisse

167 Park Ave, Rutherford
Dinner (Wed – Sun, Closed Mon & Tues)

This upscale cafe is quite a treat, especially when the weather is nice. Their gourmet entrees look like a work of art, and draw inspiration from many world cuisines. The back garden, filled with greenery and colorful decor, will make you feel like you’ve been transported to another country. It’s even BYOB!

Elysian Cafe

1001 Washington St, Hoboken
Brunch, Lunch, Dinner (Everyday)

This modern French bistro with New American inspirations is there for you whenever the weather is nice. It’s a popular spot, however, so show up early to get a seat on their wrap-around sidewalk patio. The decorative fence and flower boxes make the patio feel more private, while still giving you a view of the charming neighborhood.

The Cuban

333 Washington St, Hoboken
Lunch & Dinner (Everyday)
Brunch (Sat & Sun)

This warmly decorated restaurant is great spot to visit during the warmer weather. They have a comfortable sidewalk patio, and a great happy hour with small bites. It’s perfect for a relaxing sunny afternoon. The Cuban offers traditional Cuban cuisine like steak, plantains, and yuca mash.

City Bistro

56 14th St, Hoboken
Brunch (Sat & Sun)
Lunch & Dinner (Everyday)

This late-night spot is as much a bar as a restaurant, and an excellent outdoor venue for both. Party with live music under a canopy of stars and lights on hot summer nights on their sizable rooftop patio. Before venturing up, enjoy some delicious Italian-American fare like crostinis, pizza, and sandwiches.

Pier 13

1301 Sinatra Dr N, Hoboken
Open Everyday (Food Trucks Vary)

You can spend a whole day at Pier 13, enjoying the nice weather, drinking beer, kayaking, listening to live music, and taking in the incredible view of the skyline. This family friendly atmosphere hosts tons of regular and visiting food trucks, offering many cuisines, drinks, snacks, and deserts.

Hoboken Hot House

200 Monroe St, Hoboken
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

This neighborhood corner cafe has a nice casual laid-back atmosphere. They serve paninis, sandwiches, quiche, as well as coffee and espresso drinks. The backyard patio and garden is a perfect place to spend a morning after a jog or an afternoon working on a laptop. It’s a large space, for the area, and isn’t out on the sidewalk like many of the local patios.

Pilsener Haus & Biergarten

1422 Grand St, Hoboken
Brunch (Sat & Sun)
Dinner (Everyday)

This biergarten has everything you need for a day of family and friends. The large communal tables make for a lively, sociable atmosphere. But the giant beer list isn’t the only attraction. They also offer delicious Austro-Hungarian fare like sausages, schnitzel, and strudel. The large outdoor patio is the place to be on a nice day.

Are you a local Hoboken parent with a preschool-age child? At Tessa International School, we love seeing local families out during the nice weather. That’s why outdoor exercise is a part of our curriculum. Learn more about our summer camp here.  

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6 Popular After-School Activities for Children In and Around Jersey City

If you’re a working parent, you know how important it is for your child to stay busy, content, and safe in an educational and fun environment when school is over, while you’re still at work. After-school activities can also be beneficial for children whose parents do not work during after-school hours.

There are several advantages for enrolling children in after-school programs, such as:

  • Enhancing academic performance
  • Providing them with a place to study and do homework
  • Giving peace of mind to parents who have to work
  • Offering social skills as children learn to interact and play with their peers
  • Providing consistency in a young child’s daily schedule
  • Relieving boredom—As a result, children are more prone to stay out of trouble.

Fortunately, Jersey City parents have several options when it comes to choosing high quality after-school activities for their children. Here are six of the best after-school activities for children in Jersey City, and additional tips you may want to take into consideration.

Tiny Greenhouse (498 Jersey Ave, Jersey City)

  • Tiny Greenhouse is an art studio that focuses on developing a child’s creativity through play.
  • This program is intended for young children, ranging in age from 15 months to eight years old.
  • It’s a nature-friendly art studio that offers classes in arts and crafts.
  • Other features include holiday and summer camps, along with customized birthday parties.

Jersey City Dance Academy (107 West Side Ave, Jersey City)

  • As one of Jersey City’s most comprehensive dance academies, Jersey City Dance Academy (JCDA) includes classes in hip hop, ballet, modern dance and other dance styles.
  • Classes are offered for children, starting at age two years old to teens.

Bambino Chef (213 Newark Ave, Jersey City)

  • Bambino Chef believes in teaching young children the importance of knowing how to cook.
  • Children learn how to create tasty, nutritious and fun recipes, which can lead to a lifelong interest in cooking.

Three Little Birds (16 Erie St, Jersey City)

  • Three Little Birds offers a wide range of creative activities, making it an ideal after-school program for children.
  • Programs include everything from an art lab, crafting, sewing, ballet and more.

My Gym – Jersey City (252 9th St, Jersey City)

  • Various fitness classes, according to age groups, are available at My Gym.
  • Classes in martial arts are a huge perk. In fact, this is one of the most popular after-school programs and winter classes.

Club 1050 (1050 Kennedy Blvd, Bayonne, New Jersey)

  • The main priority at Club 1050 is helping students with their homework.
  • Weekly fitness, which is provided in a park, gym or pool, is another feature.
  • A game room offers game-zone activities for children.
  • This after-school program provides a structured, safe environment for children, ranging in age from Pre-K through 8th grade.
  • Transportation is available for students from Bayonne schools and certain Jersey City schools to the Jersey City Center.
  • Club 1050 is open during school holidays and half days, besides other occasions when schools are closed.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Right After-School Program

  • When considering the best after-school program, be sure it includes some free time for children, in addition to structured activities. Consider how children need some time to unwind and relax after being in school all day.
  • However, make sure any unstructured time allows children to develop socially and explore their own unique interests.
  • Make sure any after-school program you’re considering has enough workers for the number of children enrolled. In other words, it should have a low adult to student ratio as this gives children more individual attention.

Are you looking for a preschool for your little one? You can’t find a better preschool than Tessa International School, based in Hoboken, New Jersey. In addition to providing an extraordinary preschool education for young children, we also offer after-school language classes as well as before and after-school care. Please contact us and find out more about all we have to offer.

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Six Child-Friendly Hair Salons & Barbers in Hudson County, NJ

by Tori Galatro

It’s hard enough to get a child to sit still for a haircut. As a parent, you need a barber or stylist who is excellent with children, and a salon or barbershop that can provide quick, reliable service. We’ve compiled a great list of child-friendly spots around Hudson County, with a range of locations and prices, so your child can actually be excited to get a haircut.

Just 4 Kids

720 Monroe Street, 3rd Floor, Suite E-313, Hoboken, NJ

The name says it all. This is the only hairdressing experience exclusively for children in Hudson County, and it’s as child-friendly as they come. Brightly colored and filled with fun toys and chairs, movies and shows, and tons of distractions, this place is guaranteed to win your child over in a heartbeat. They also offer lice removal, birthday parties, and fun salon services like facials and manicures, designed just for children and their parents. A regular cut and wash is $30 and up, and a bang trim is $10.

V’s Barbershop

1114 Washington St, Hoboken, NJ

A trip to this men’s barbershop makes for a great father and son outing. V’s may be a national chain, but it does a nice job of retaining a classic, local, old-timey feel. They even offer shoeshines. With black and white photos of sports icons decorating the walls, and multiple TVs, they have the aesthetic of a family sports bar and grill, creating a fun social atmosphere for sports fans. Kids cuts are $19.

X Overcutz

590 Kearny Ave, Kearny, NJ

For those who live over on the west side of Hudson County, this little barber shop in Kearny has everything you need for a quick, no-fuss kids haircut. The owner, Mario, is very friendly, and the staff is great with children. They accept walk-ins, can fit people in last minute, and have generally short wait times, which is perfect for parents. Kids cuts are $18.

Hoboken Buzz Cuts

113 Washington St, Hoboken, NJ

This little full-service salon (not just buzz cuts) is affordable and not overly trendy, while remaining clean and professional. It has a family vibe, and readily greets little ones with a police car chair and lollipops. In addition to their reasonable prices, they offer promotions in their email list, as well as on facebook and yelp, so search the internet before you go for some great discounts. It’s also an ideal place for walk-ins, and the wait isn’t typically long. Kids cuts are $17. With wash, $21. Bangs are $8.

Carlo’s Hairspot

1021 Broadway, Bayonne, NJ

This is a well-established barbershop for the whole family in a perfect location if you live in the southern half of Hudson County. This family-owned shop has a relaxing, friendly, fun atmosphere, and boasts many long-time patrons. They don’t specialize, and are not overly trendy. Instead, they focus on serving all ages, both young and old, and are very popular with families. Kids haircuts are very reasonably priced at $14.

Hoboken Hair (Uptown Location)

109 14th St, Hoboken, NJ

If you’re looking for a child-friendly cut slightly more north, then the uptown location of Hoboken Hair is a great choice. They provide cuts for any age, and are equipped with multiple distractions like toys, kids movies, and lollipops, to help children stay still and preoccupied throughout the cut. Haircut, wash, and dry prices vary widely based on length and style. Kids haircuts start at $20, and $35 to add wash and dry.

Do you have a child who is preschool ready? Tessa International School in Hoboken is a bilingual preschool serving all of Hudson County and beyond. We love our local community. Call now to schedule a tour!

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Four Gyms with Great Childcare In and Around Hoboken

by Tori Galatro

Working out relieves stress, promotes health, and keeps you energized throughout the day, all facets of self-care that are hard to keep up with when you’re looking after a child. Luckily, many gyms offer childcare for a small fee, so you, and your child too, can get the benefits of a great workout. Here are some of the best gyms in and around Hoboken, New Jersey with safe, accommodating, and attentive childcare options.

Local Barre

Hoboken Uptown: 1180 Maxwell Lane, Hoboken, NJ

Hoboken WEST: 720 Monroe Street C300, Hoboken, NJ

If you’re a fan of yoga, pilates, and dance, the barre classes at Local Barre offer a unique way to get fit in a positive, fun, fabulous, and confidence-building environment. This proudly high-end establishment is women focussed (although anyone is welcome), safe, and child-friendly. Known as Monkey Barre, Local Barre offers BYOBaby classes for younger than 6 months, and separate childcare for older than 6 months. Children need to be registered for classes, and parents are encouraged to bring a supportive seat for children who can’t sit independently. Toys, books, puzzles, videos, and music are available in the playroom, where parents can drop their children off for supervised free play while they enjoy a barre class. Childcare is $5 per child and allows nut-free snacks and drinks. Child and adult classes are available throughout the week for convenient scheduling in two Hoboken locations. Memberships range from $149 per month to $249 per month.

Hamilton Health & Fitness

161 Erie Street, Jersey City, NJ

This classic high-end gym is spotlessly clean, which is great considering they boast a pool, a steam room, and a sauna. A jungle gym and children’s room are devoted to childcare every morning, early afternoon, and some evenings, for children between 3 and 7 years old. Childcare at Hamilton is $10 per child with a membership, but they can stay for the impressively long span of 2 hours, and are visible from a TV in the workout spaces. Adults can take classes in pilates, yoga, martial arts, and even swimming. Children can enjoy swimming at this facility too, with classes from infants to preteens. Memberships are $90 per month with a $125 enrollment fee.


Prime Cycle

70 Hudson St, Hoboken, NJ

With rhythmic beats and lights, these spin classes feel more like going to a dance club than going to the gym. Incorporating full body choreographed workouts, Prime Cycle offers full-sensory spin classes that are sure to get you sweating, and even keep track of your stats so you can beat your own record. The facility is very clean and comfortable, with multiple showers. Parents can register in advance for $5 Mini Prime babysitting during classes throughout the week. There are typically 1-3 babysitting times per day. Prime Cycle also offers kids yoga, for ages 4 to 6, and family yoga, for all ages. Plans include a 5 Class Pass for $95, Unlimited Classes for $170, and many more deals and packages.

Work it Out

603 Willow Ave, Hoboken, NJ

5 Marine View Plaza, Hoboken, NJ

This gym is all about confident, strong, empowered women. The classes are diverse and unique, including influences of spin, zumba, barre, boxing, yoga, dance, and more. Work it Out has options to keep children occupied from newborns to teens. In Bite Size Barre, women do barre exercises with their children, up to 18 months, beside them, strapped to them, or still in their tummies. In Kids Gap (Gymnastics and Play), moms can drop their children off at childcare while they take a class for $10, with discounts available. Children are entertained by the staff with age-appropriate exercise, games, and arts and crafts. Work it Out also hosts its own kids gymnastics program running from age 2 to age 14. Memberships range from $145 per month to $189 per month, with packages available for $22 per class.

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5 Great Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Jersey City

If you’re thinking about going out to eat in Jersey City, you might think there are no restaurants that cater to families with children. Luckily, there are plenty of places in Jersey City that regularly host families. Below are some great options for restaurants you and your children can enjoy together, where children are welcomed and catered to.

The Brownstone Diner

Most diners are family-friendly, and the Brownstone Diner in Jersey City is one of the best around. Located on Jersey Ave, this diner is known for its pancakes, which your children are sure to love. And pancakes are available all day, so you can even have breakfast for dinner. Any time you are looking for an affordable, easy meal out, this is a great option for everyone in the family.

The Beechwood Cafe 

This restaurant is a great breakfast spot, perfect when you want to meet up with other parents and their children. There’s plenty of room on the inside, and high-chairs are available if you need one. You can even sit outside if the weather is nice. They serve a combination of healthy, American, non-American, and comfort foods. Although there is not an official children’s menu, small side dishes and pastries are available. You can find their website here for more information.

The Hamilton Inn

If you’re looking for a great place to grab brunch the Hamilton Inn has you covered. Here you’ll find some great happy hour specials, a good children’s menu, and a relaxed atmosphere. If you take the kids here during the day, you are only a short walk from Hamilton Park, so you can get some fresh air afterwards, the children can play, and you can all enjoy the day.

Gino’s Pizzeria

Sometimes you just want to sit down and enjoy a slice of pizza with the family. When you do, consider Gino’s Pizzeria. This family-owned restaurant located on Central Ave has a very casual atmosphere, making it perfect for people who want to dine with their kids. Everyone loves a good slice of pizza, especially children, and that’s exactly what you’ll get at Gino’s.

City Diner

Lastly, we close out with another diner. City Diner is one of the best in Jersey City, offering all day breakfast, drink specials, and a casual setting. As with many diners, the restaurant is perfect for families. You’ll rarely be the only family in the place. Once you’re done enjoying your meal, City Diner is only a short walk from the water, so you and your family can go take a stroll along the Hudson, and look at the New York City skyline.

So Many Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Jersey City!

As you can see, there are plenty of options when it comes to dining with your children in Jersey City. The above options all have food your children are sure to like, enough space to move around, and a relaxed atmosphere, but they are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to kid-friendly restaurants in Jersey City. There are so many options to explore.

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