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The Unique Appeal of French Immersion Schools for Bilingual Education

In an increasingly interconnected world, the ability to speak multiple languages is precious, offering students academic, future career, and personal benefits. At Tessa International School, we understand the importance of bilingual education and are dedicated to providing an immersive learning experience that prepares our students for global success.

Here, we’ll explore the benefits of bilingual education, the unique advantages of learning French, and how our French immersion program sets the stage for lifelong achievement.

The Power of Bilingual Education

Bilingual education offers a wealth of advantages that extend beyond the ability to converse in another language. Research has shown that bilingual children exhibit enhanced cognitive flexibility, improved problem-solving skills, and greater cultural empathy. These attributes are beneficial in academic settings and highly sought after in the professional world.

Bilingualism even fosters specific social skills that help children connect with others, such as understanding varying perspectives and communication. At Tessa, our full-immersion (preschool) and dual-language (primary school) teaching approaches ensure that students fully benefit from bilingual education’s critical cognitive and socio-emotional benefits. Why is French a particularly appealing choice? Let’s explore the answer.

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The bilingual education at our French school promotes several valuable skills.

Why Choose a French School for Your Child?

French school provides a rich cultural heritage and a gateway to numerous global opportunities. French is considered a ‘world language,’ spoken by over 300 million people across the globe, making it the fifth most spoken language in the world. 

Students proficient in French can navigate our globalized society with confidence and ease. Your child gains access to a world of possibilities by choosing French immersion at Tessa International School.

French Immersion at Tessa International School

How does the instruction at Tessa International School stand out among other French schools? At Tessa, we pride ourselves on offering a French immersion program that goes beyond traditional language learning.

From Nursery through Kindergarten, our students are taught in French 80% of the time, allowing them to build robust and lifelong language foundations at a uniquely advantageous developmental stage. In primary school, students spend half their week with their English teacher and the other half with their French teacher, ensuring a balanced bilingual education.

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The instruction style at Tessa stands out among other French schools.

Accredited by the French Ministry of Education and inspired by the French school system, our unique approach also emphasizes teaching content in French. This means that students learn subjects like science, math, and social studies in French, encouraging students to practice thinking in French and providing a deeper and more meaningful language learning experience. Our highly qualified educators, native French speakers from around the world, collaborate to streamline learning, ensuring that what is taught in one language is applied in the other, building language skills simultaneously.

Preparing for Success

The benefits of bilingualism for the developing brain are undeniable, and research indicates that the brain circuits associated with language learning are more flexible at a young age. That’s why we started French immersion at Tessa at two years old. This early exposure facilitates language acquisition and prepares students for a future where bilingualism is a significant asset.

French immersion at Tessa differs from other French language schools, offering a uniquely immersive approach to bilingual education. Exposing students to a rich linguistic and cultural environment equips them with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in a global society. If you’re considering a bilingual education for your child, Tessa International School’s French immersion program is an excellent choice for laying the foundation for a successful future.

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