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Understanding the French National Curriculum at Tessa International School

At Tessa International School, we are proud to offer a comprehensive program that combines the International Baccalaureate (IB) framework with the esteemed French National Curriculum. This unique blend of education, combined with specific adaptations for each language track, brings together the best of both worlds, focusing on academic excellence, cultural immersion, and global engagement. Let’s explore the benefits of the French National Curriculum and its significant role in fostering a vibrant French community within our multicultural environment.

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Elevating Academic Standards through the French National Curriculum

The French National Curriculum is known worldwide for its high academic standards. At Tessa International School, we integrate this curriculum seamlessly into our educational framework to provide students with a well-structured and comprehensive education. This helps students progress systematically and ensures a smooth continuity in their learning journey.


Building Strong Foundations in Mathematics and Sciences

The French National Curriculum emphasizes the importance of mathematics and sciences. This focus enables our students to develop a solid foundation in these essential subjects. By mastering these skills, students gain the tools they need to tackle complex challenges and thrive in future academic and professional pursuits.

Promoting Critical Thinking Skills

Developing critical thinking skills is a key aspect of the French National Curriculum. We encourage students to analyze, interpret, and reflect on information independently, enabling them to make informed decisions. Through engaging discussions, collaborative projects, and research-based activities, students cultivate their ability to think critically and articulate well-reasoned arguments.


Supporting Teachers with Established Resources

Our teachers at Tessa International School benefit from a well-established system of resources and teaching materials. This support empowers educators to deliver quality education and provides students with access to a wide range of educational materials, textbooks, and digital resources. This ensures that students receive a comprehensive learning experience.


Globally Recognized Education

The French National Curriculum holds international recognition and respect, opening doors to universities and educational opportunities worldwide. Students benefit from the globally recognized curriculum, enhancing their chances of admission to prestigious universities and facilitating seamless transitions between educational systems across different countries.

Creating a Vibrant French Community

The French Accreditation plays a crucial role in creating a seamless educational experience for French nationals or families who may relocate abroad. By aligning our curriculum with the French National Program and obtaining homologation, we ensure that students can seamlessly transition between our institution and any French educational institution worldwide. Moreover, the integration of the French National Curriculum fosters a vibrant French community within our school. This provides students with opportunities to engage with native French speakers, celebrate French traditions, and participate in cultural activities that deepen their understanding of the French language and its significance in the world.



Tessa International School stands as a beacon of educational excellence, combining the distinguished French National Curriculum with the globally recognized International Baccalaureate approach. Through this fusion, we provide our students with a well-rounded education that fosters academic rigor, cultural immersion, and global engagement. Our vibrant French community, supported by the French Homologation process, ensures a seamless educational journey for our French students, allowing them to maintain their cultural identity and educational trajectory. At Tessa International School, we strive to prepare our students for success in an interconnected world, nurturing their intellectual growth, cultural appreciation, and language proficiency. Schedule a tour or join our upcoming events to learn more about our programs.  


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