Preparing for School Reopening

Safety Measures

We deeply care about the health and safety of your children, your families and our community. We are planning on taking strong safety measures upon reopening of the school to limit all risks linked to COVID-19. 

On-Site Safety Measure Considerations

TestingIf COVID-19 and antibody tests become widely available:

●       Offer Tessa staff the option to test before reopening

●       Suggest testing of students to students’ families

Main Entrance●       Limit the number of occupants in the school during drop off and pick up:

o   Stagger pick up and drop off times

o   Parents don’t enter the building – they drop their children off outside of school and staff escort children inside

●       Health screening:  mandate temperature checks of staff, students, and visitors’ temperature before they enter the school daily – Possible use of a thermal camera

●       Daily screening of students for symptoms before they come to school

●       Mandate gloves and masks for anybody coming in – Tessa provides them for those who do not have them

●       Mandate use of hand sanitizer at the front even with gloves (touchless gel distributors already in place)

●       Install plexiglass to protect person sitting at the front desk

●        Install second set of doors at the front entrance for additional security

Communication and training●       Signs within the school to remind of procedures

●       Frequent reminders to all of procedures

●       Staff training

Social distancing within the school●       Mark floor for smooth traffic flow and minimal contact

●       Plan for bathroom access for the same reasons

●       Allow only one or two staff members in the kitchen at a time

Social distancing within the classroom●       Review of class furniture layout

●       Purchase of individual tables for primary students

●       Mark floor for traffic and distancing

PPE for Staff●       Wear masks/ face protection and gloves at all times.  Glasses, or other eye protection is optional.

●       The School has ordered supplies and already has stock

PPE for Students / student training●       Wear masks, age permitting

●       Practice hourly handwashing and as needed

●       Teach students how to wear masks, wash hands, etc.

Cleaning / Disinfection Procedures●       Strict handwashing procedures

●       Eliminate objects and toys in the classroom that could carry COVID-19 (potentially no objects with soft surfaces).

●       Put toys in a bin to later be sanitized after children play with them

●       Dedicate cleaning staff or an assistant to cleaning all day long (doorknobs, light switches, furniture, toys, and other objects – Sanitize ‘high touch’ objects every hour).

●       Disinfect the school daily after school hours

●       Use Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation light fixtures

●       Documentation of all cleaning actions

Air Circulation and HVAC●       Our HVAC system is independent from the building’s system

●       Install additional/ more efficient filters

Playground●       Use our own playground exclusively

●       Disinfect daily

Events●       Not plan events involving families or multiple classes

●       Kindergarten 2019-2020 graduation may be scheduled in September 2020, depending on official guidelines at the time

Containment plan●       Sick children and staff isolated immediately and sent home for five to seven days

●       Coordination with local health officials

●       Possible class or school closure